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The United States of America hosts thousands of migrants from all over the globe every year. Currently, it’s a home of roughly 46 million migrants. Kuwait is one of the leading countries to offer immigrants, international students, and temporary skilled workers to the USA.Most of the Kuwait enjoy high living standards in Kuwait but important factors like Universal health care, booming economy, education, liberal, and democratic government in the USA make it a favorable destination for permanent settlement. The United States of America offers hundreds of immigration programs for candidates residing inside or outside of the country.
So, if you are currently studying in the USA or would like to study, reside and settle in the future, the information listed below might be useful to you For immigration to the USA, you’ll need be needing a GREEN CARD issued by the US immigration authority. You need to figure out which kind of green card you’re eligible for. You’ll only get to immigrate if you qualify for any of the following.

5 Major Types Of U.S. PR Programs/visas:

Family-based green cards

This kind of green card is mostly issued to family members or close acquaintances of current US citizens and green cardholders. Eligible candidates can be children, parents, relatives, spouses, siblings, widows, and widowers. To make a candidate eligible for the green card, the person holding the green card needs to declare the sponsorship to the authorities. The rules may vary from country to country.

Employment-based green cards:

The United States host many immigrants who take entry as skilled workers to add economic value to the country. There are four categories to issue green cards based on the skills and attributes of the applicant. The four categories are called EB-1, EB-2, EB-3, and EB-4. These cards are issued to employ some valuable workers.A U.S employer can also sponsor your application or you will have to mention and demonstrate exceptional abilities, skills, attributes, and training to obtain the employer-based green card. The EB-5 green card has different requirements than others of this type. It’s mostly issued to investors who have an investment capacity between $500,000 and $1 million to create job opportunities in the American community.

Humanitarian green cards:

These types of green cards are issued to refugees and people who seek asylum in the United States of America. They are granted green cards on the basis that they have faced ethnic cleansing, riots, human trafficking, or other crimes in their home countries.Humanitarian-based green cards could be tricky to be issued as there are necessary processes involved and you might need a lawyer to get you eligible.

Diversity lottery green cards

The United States conducts random allotments of green cards to the immigrants belonging to countries with low immigration rates. The program focuses on running a green card lottery to randomly award green cards for up to 50,000 people each year. The goal is to promote diversity in immigration to the United States of America.

Longtime-resident green cards

There are so many other programs that could make you eligible for green cards. The immigrants who belong to the media profession, religious workers, Afghanistan, and Iraq citizens have helped and assisted the U.S. government in some form.

USA Immigration Process

  • You must check the eligibility criteria to apply for a green card in the USA or get someone to sponsor your petition...
  • Once the petition is approved, check for the categories of green cards to apply. A US consulate abroad is the place to refer to for this step.
  • Get a medical examination.
  • Get an interview appointment booked.
  • You’ll receive notifications regarding your application in few days.


  • USA ranks 1 in the World GDP rankings with a GDP value of $19.4 trillion. It has an efficiently stable economy with an ample number of jobs across the sectors of services and manufacturing.
  • One of the best healthcare systems in the world with top medical practitioners.
  • Some of the best colleges and universities are situated here.
  • The US is placed among the top countries for immigrants.
  • An impressive 15th rank in the World Freedom Index list.

We are a pioneer in providing Permanent Resident Visa for Australia, Canada, and New Zealand going aspirants with Skilled Immigration / Business Immigration / Student Visa based in Kuwait.

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We are a pioneer in providing Permanent Resident Visa for Australia, Canada, and New Zealand going aspirants with Skilled Immigration / Business Immigration / Student Visa based in Kuwait.

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